Our FAQs, below, explain the unique nature of our European hair pieces and what makes our product so special.

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  • Why use European hair?

    If you have Caucasian or European hair, logic follows that you will only achieve a natural match and blend between your hair and the hairpiece if it is of European hair rather than that of a different ethnicity to your own.

    Truly European hair is difficult and expensive to source.  This is why genuine European hair pieces will be significantly more expensive than Asian hair alternatives.

  • Why do we never dye our hair?

    The hair replacement industry dyes human hair to match a pre-selected number of olours. At Kate Burlington we never colour the hair!  Instead, we painstakingly and meticulously hand-pick our unprocessed European human hair ponytails to match established colours from the Wella and L’Oreal colour charts. Our unique approach means there is zero alteration to the natural colour of the hair preserving the hairs quality whilst avoiding the artificial blocky appearance of dyed hair.

    Never processed or dyed, just natural!

  • Why do you only offer single hair injected partings?

    Quite simply, this technology provides by far the most natural
    appearance of hair growth that will defy detection even under the closest of scrutiny. This breakthrough technology is a game changer.  The results are staggeringly realistic. All other knotting techniques are less natural.

  • How secure is the clip-in attachment?

    The clip-in attachment provides a secure yet non-permanent hair replacement solution that can be removed when required.  The piece is secured on top of your scalp therefore exerting no pressure and providing reassurance that wearing the piece will not exacerbate or damage your existing hair. Unlike hair extensions, that can cause traction alopecia by applying significant, 24/7 pressure to the roots of your existing hair, the clip in system won’t damage your existing hair and there is no application of chemical adhesives that risk damaging the skin and causing irritation to the scalp. A clip in system is both supported by the scalp and displaces any pressure across the scalp.  The attachment is completely secure so you can go out, play sport and live your life without worrying about the security of your hair piece!

  • Why does the hair quality of our hair pieces last?

    The quality of the hair will last unlike that experienced by a wearer of a processed hair piece.  Chemically processing the hair causes significant damage to the hair providing a very poor quality of hair with a greatly reduced life.

  • Why do you include the pieces weight in the product description?

    You will notice that we detail the weight of the piece in the general
    description.  These weights are an integral part of our control management to ensure that we achieve a density that creates a natural head of hair as opposed to a piece that is either too thick and unnatural or too thin.

  • Why are your pieces 21cm by 19cm in base dimension?

    These dimensions provide the optimum size to provide coverage to what is described as the area of the scalp that is most susceptible to female pattern hair loss or more simply the area of the scalp that suffers most noticeably from thinning hair.

  • Why do you not have a standard range of hair colours?

    We have a range of hair colours and lengths to satisfy the requirements of our clients. Our colours are completely natural and undyed.  This is unique to us and not the norm within hair replacement. Instead of colouring our hair to match a colour swatch we eye match our finished pieces to the globally recognised Loreal and Wella colour charts, avoiding intensive processing and preserving the integrity of the hair. You will see a general description (eg. light-brown) in the item particulars as well as colour references for both the Loreal and Wella hairdressing colours.

  • Why should I choose a hairpiece and not a full wig?

    The majority of female hair loss types are best managed through the use of a discreet, comfortable lightweight clip-in hairpiece. This non-intrusive solution blends seamlessly with your own hair without the many disadvantages of a full cap wig.  You will not even feel that you are wearing a piece! Because the piece is small and discreet it is versatile in styling allowing you to create any style you want. The additional benefit of a piece is that you still maintain your hairline, sideburns and neckline for a completely natural look. You can also wear your hair up! Full cap wigs are hot and intrusive to the wearer, as well as a compromise in appearance.

  • Why does the hair replacement Industry normally use processed Asian hair?

    Hair piece manufacturers use hair imported from Asia as the hair is more plentiful and easy to obtain at significantly lower prices. However, Asian hair is thicker in diameter compared to European hair as well as different in texture and character.  In order to produce European pigmented hair colours (ie. blonde and lighter browns) the Asian hair is heavily processed and treated, which includes chemically bleaching the hair before dyeing and silicon coating. This results in a quality of hair that is substandard from first wear and deteriorates rapidly as the silicon coating applied (to create a temporary feeling of softness) to the hair is washed away. 

  • Why are industry standard hair pieces of such poor quality?

    If you have ever purchased a non-European hairpiece from another company, you will probably have found that they regularly suffer from quality issues. Either the hair will be too thick, lifeless, or of poor quality. 
    We guarantee that you will have none of these issues with a hairpiece from Kate Burlington.

  • Why are European hair pieces more expensive?

    European, or Caucasian hair, is purchased from hair donors in European countries.  The hair is significantly more scarce and harder to source than Asian hair which is more plentiful and easily available. Sourcing European hair responsibly from donors is far more expensive than purchasing the cheaper grades of hair.  Experience has shown us that by purchasing a superior quality of hair we are rewarded with an end product that not only looks superior, but performs better with a longevity that far exceeds all other lesser types of human hair.

  • Does the piece have freestyle styling?

    Yes.  Unlike traditional pieces with a set parting, our hairpieces are freestyle with no fixed parting, allowing the hair to move naturally. The superb quality of the hair enables you to style the hair just as you would your own.

  • Why is the hair sometimes slightly lighter at the ends?

    Our hair is totally natural and free from any processing or colouring.  As a result, you will sometimes notice a subtle natural lightening of the hair from the mid length towards the ends. This is the natural affect of the sun on the donors hair that occurred over time as the hair grew.  Basically, the hair at the ends will be slightly lighter than the hair nearer the roots creating the most amazing appearance of a natural head of hair.